Table Talk

West Hills Academy

West Hills Academy Families already know all about our weekly “table talk” e-mails. The purpose of this email is to help foster conversations between you and your child, about what they are doing in school. These types of conversations can happen around the dinner table or during any family time spent together.

To further assist families in creating meaningful discussions and getting involved in their children’s education plan, we will begin posting our weekly Table Talks on this page. Parents will still receive personalized e-mails each week, but can now refer back to this page to get an overview of what their child has been learning.

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September Week 4

September Week 4

Our little scientists learn about the Scientific Method and test out some fun hypothesis' of their own!
September Week 4

September Week 3

Our little chemists learn how and why leaves change colors and get a chance to explore the natural phenomenon in action.
September Week 4

September Week 2

Our little scientists get introduced to the microscope-- an explorative tool they will continue to use in their time at West Hills Academy.
September Week 4

September Week 1

Introducing Table Talk -- The perfect way to engage your children about what they're learning in school and be a part of the process every step of the way.