The heartwarming stories of parents, students and teachers and how our school helped change their lives for the better.


A Safe Place

A mother tells the story of how West Hills Academy has become a safe place where her son can be himself and become the shining star he was always meant to be.

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More Episodes Coming!

Stories will be added to this page weekly. All stories featured here are the real stories of parents, teachers and students at West Hills Academy. Names have been omitted for privacy, and images used may not reflect the subjects of the story.

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Do any of these stories sound familiar? The fact is, there are hundreds of families on Long Island facing very similar situations- often without even knowing that there are other options.

Click the button below to contact us and speak with a transition team member. Even a short call can help point you and your family in the right direction.

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Open House February 15

Our open house is your chance to learn why West Hills Academy is the premier private K-8 school on Long Island. Learn about our individualized learning techniques, smaller class sizes and our ability to tap into a child’s specific learning style.

If your child is not living up to his/her potential in their current school, we can help. Join us at our open house to see why we’re the answer for so many parents on Long Island.

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