Be sure to ask your child about “Dem Bones!”, which is a fun study of the skeletal system.

The students had a demonstration lesson with “Mr. Bones” and watched a fun video. This lesson was followed it up by a science lab, where the students labeled a human skeleton and made their own accurate and creepy skeletons just in time for Halloween.

  • See if your child is able to tell you how many bones are in an adult body and how many are in a baby’s body!
  • See if they are able to remember which bone in the human body is the longest!

The students particularly enjoyed Spanish class this week where they acted out skits based on famous people interviewing each other in Spanish. They had so much fun!

The week ended with a visit from the Huntington Manor Fire Department. The children enjoyed a presentation given on fire safety by the firefighters and had a chance to ask questions and explore the fire truck.

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