Be sure to ask your child about art with Ms. Chang.

This month they have been studying the artist, Andy Goldsworthy. Andy Goldsworthy is a contemporary artist who is known for his naturalist pieces. He uses natural materials such as leaves, sticks, snow, and rocks in their native setting to create ephemeral sculptures that are both organic and meticulously planned out.
Ask your child about how he or she collaborated as a group, to create their own leaf art on our campus.

With the presidential election being held this week, the students learned about the election process and had a chance to cast their vote in class. They also learned about instincts, learned behavior, and adaptations. They spoke about how humans and animals are born with instincts versus learned behaviors. Some instincts in humans include the need to eat or drink or the feeling of fear, whereas the learned behavior might be holding a fork to eat. See if your child is able to remember what animal instincts and learned behaviors were discussed. The adaptations that were discussed, include how different types of beaks on birds, may require them to adapt to their environment.

The students also participated a discussion about Veteran’s Day.

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