Our Academy class has had a productive and exciting week!

This week’s “table talk” topic:

Our students participated in an interesting science lab, where they got a chance to grow their own crystals! You might have seen their amazing creations on our Facebook page. The lab consisted of each student choosing crystal shape they wanted to use, bending pipe cleaners to the desired shape, suspending the pipe cleaner in a jar, and filling the jars with hot water and borax. As the water cooled they got to watch the crystals develop.

You can ask your child their favorite part of the lab, also you can show them other crystals that look similar to the ones they have grown like quartz and amethyst. There are some great rocks and mineral sets that you can get that will help your child identify the different formations and structures of various rocks and minerals.

Our focus for the week has revolved around Martin Luther King Jr. and peace. The class completed reading comprehension through learning about MLK and his impact. They also wrote poems about peace, you can ask them to read their poems aloud to you at home encouraging their public speaking skills.

Please continue to check out our Facebook page to keep up on the daily happenings, https://www.facebook.com/WestHillsAcademy. Enjoy your conversations.

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