I hope everyone is enjoying the conversations with your children about what they are doing in school.


This week’s “table talk” topic:

Our elementary students enjoyed making and eating Mrs. Carr’s famous latkes this week….YUM!  Who knew so many of our students would love peeling potatoes? Be sure to ask them to help out around the kitchen at home too.  See if they are able to remember the ingredients that were used and the steps that were taken to make the latkes.


Our Holiday Show was a complete success, the students did an amazing job! They put so much dedication into learning and practicing their skits and songs. It was a true shining moment for the entire class.  Continue to encourage their confidence during the holiday break, ask them if they would like to act out their skit or sing their songs for your family at home.


Please continue to check out our Facebook page to keep up on the daily happenings, https://www.facebook.com/WestHillsAcademy. Enjoy your conversations.


UPDATE: As the new year approaches, my responsibilities in the admissions department will be increasing.  I have been working with Emily Wood on creating our “Table Talk” emails moving forward.  I am still very much involved in the classrooms and will continue to post our daily happenings and more, on our Facebook page.


Wishing you and your family and Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!!

See you all in the new year!

Charlene Schermer
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